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Our Refinance options can help you make the most of your mortgage and get ahead according to your goals. 


Shorten Your Loan Term

Refinance into a shorter term, so you can pay off your mortgage sooner.

Good for

  • Reducing the amount of interest you'll pay
  • Becoming mortgage-free faster

Take Cash Out

Leverage your investment and use the equity your house has gained over the years.

Good for

  • Renovating your home
  • Paying down high-interest debt

Lower Your Payment

As an established homeowner, you can improve your financial security by refinancing to a lower payment. 

Good for

  • Saving for college
  • Planning for retirement



A refinanced mortgage with Blue Ridge Bank could save you $278 each month!


refi chart


*Borrowers must met qualifying approval criteria based on specific loan requirements and appropriate documentation available at the time of application. Specific savings are not guaranteed and vary according to borrower's ability to meet aforementioned criteria.



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